We believe that every parent deserves a cozy, beautiful, functional, and nurturing nursery room for their baby.

Build the perfect nest with Nestig 

At Nestig we offer hundreds of in-house designed collections. We think about every single detail, from the sheets to the drapes. By doing so, we can make sure every item is in perfect harmony. Our design team has only one task in mind: making the room perfect for your loved one. 

All of this is accessible on a single platform, one-click away. Nestig is here to make your life and your baby’s better.  

Our Principles 

Parents are heroes, but they can’t be all of the time.
We know you obsess over every tiny detail. Relax, we obsess for you, so you can take a break:

Obsessed with design

We don't design items, we design collections. Within every new collection, we think about every single item in the room, from sheets to the drapes. By doing so, we ensure everything is in perfect harmony to receive you little-one.

Obsessed with quality and safety

We don't follow industry standards, we beat them. We only use high-quality and non-toxic materials. The vast majority of our products are made with 100% cotton, ensuring your little-one is cozy and safe. 

Obsessed with sustainability

We only use materials from sustainable sources. We respect both the environment and people who are working hard to make your dream nursery possible.

Obsessed with customer service

We promise you’ll love it, and in case you don’t, you can always return it. We’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.