Chinny Ogbuagu Small Space Nursery Tour

Small Space Nursery Tour: Chinny Ogbuagu

Chinny Ogbuagu, a marketer for a large tech company, welcomed her second little one and quickly mastered setting up a spot for Baby while working with minimal space (just 50 square feet, to be exact!). “It’s basically a nook next to our bed with a vanity/working area right next to it,” Ogbuago says of her newborn’s sleep area. “Yes, you become a pro at maximizing your living space living in NYC!” 

Her secret? Small, multi-purpose pieces and a bit of greenery. “My design approach centered around adapting the space so it could be transformed to fit our needs as and when needed, yet, still feel special and cozy for Baby,” Ogbuago explains. “I learned compact, well-designed furniture is worth every penny and plants make everything look and feel better!” 

Mauve oblong

Keep reading to learn more about Ogbuago’s favorite nursery find, her happiest memories in the space, and more.

Interior style in 3 words?

Biophilic, boho-esque, with hints of color

Are there any pieces, products or decor with a special story you can share?

My vintage radio. I found it on my last antiquing adventure while heavily pregnant with Baby. It was worth the swollen ankles after browsing for hours!

Star shape, color: blue
What would you tell another parent about your Nestig crib?

I've told quite a few about it already. It’s beautifully designed and its wheels make it wonderfully portable. The fact it grows with Baby is the icing on the cake.

Get the look
From above
Close up
With crib
From above
Close up
With crib
Arches Rug $299
A rainbow without the rain
Greenguard Gold
Mini crib
Full crib
Toddler bed
The Wave Crib $749 - $799
A mini crib, full crib and toddler bed
We like to think about nurseries as spaces for everyday magic, any favorite motherhood memories in the room so far?

Too many to name! But some of my favorites are watching my three year old interact with Baby. Watching his face light up to her enthusiastic greeting every morning made every sleepless night worth it.

As a new mom and busy professional + content creator, tell us how you are prioritizing self care.

By reminding myself on a daily basis that I’m just one person and I can’t do it all. Accepting help, delegating, and outsourcing, has become my mantra. Also, leaning into the little things that I do for just myself and no one else—a quiet walk, getting my brows threaded, and quietly enjoying a chapter or two of an immersive sci-fi novel.

Thank you Chinny —we love your space!

Photography by Kelsey Rose Photo