Creating a Palm Beach Chic Nursery
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Creating a Palm Beach chic nursery

With temps already dropping rapidly and leaves beginning to fall from the trees, you may be starting to think about planning a warm weather getaway. But in the meantime, why not bring the sunshine to your little one’s nursery by making the space Palm Beach themed? 

Palm Beach, Florida, is one of our favorite getaways, given that it’s known for being sunny, cheery, and of course, full of color. After all, the city was the home of late fashion designer Lilly Pulitzer, who is known for her peppy patterns and pink and green goodness. 

If you’re enamored by all things Palm Beach and are wondering how to translate the feel of the city into your child’s room, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading for simple, vibrant decor tips galore!

Make use of vintage Lilly fabric

As we noted above, you can’t think of Palm beach without Lilly Pulitzer coming to mind. Lilly Pulitzer clothing continues to be popular into the 21st century, but we have a soft spot for some of the “vintage” prints that remind us of our childhood. You can easily score Lilly fabrics on eBay or Etsy, and we love the idea of using them to make a quilt, pillow covering, memo board, or something else entirely. You could even just pop a favorite swatch of fabric into a frame for a unique, colorful art piece. 

Pair your Lilly picks with a crib that Ms. Pulitzer herself would've swooned over: Nestig’s Candy Cloud Crib in either rose or mint. These signature preppy colors will pop in the nursery and bring just the right amount of whimsy to the space. These cribs convert from a mini size to a full size then into a toddler bed, making them a purchase that will last for the long haul.

Hang a spirited mobile

No crib is complete without a mobile, which is designed to keep Baby stimulated and engaged. Nestig’s flamingo mobile just screams Palm Beach. Hang it above your little one’s crib and let the good times roll. If you can’t be lazing the day away on flamingo-shaped pool floats, this is the next best thing…right?

Grab these coral sheets

Our coral sheet set is also perfectly Palm Beach chic. It’s available in both blue and yellow—take your pick of the two hues, or grab both sets so that you always have a backup on hand (which is never a bad idea when it comes to baby gear!).

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Say yes to palm trees

Palm trees are of course everywhere in Palm Beach, and why not add a few to the nursery, too? Look for a wallpaper or border with a palm tree motif or grab a palm tree themed blanket or quilt. There are plenty of ways to have fun with this theme, whether you wish to take a subtle approach or go all out.

Lay down an area rug

Several of Nestig’s area rugs (all of which are washable and made from organic materials) are excellent for a Palm Beach themed space. The Sunbeam Rug features pink, green, and blue, along with a yellow sun design in the middle, making it perfectly beachy. The Seashell Rug is another great pick; the blue and white colorway is so serene, and we also love the idea of using the Blossom Rug in a Palm Beach style room; it’s just so happy.

Frame favorite travel photos

If your family has favorite travel photos or mementos from Palm Beach, consider displaying those in the nursery to make the space feel even more authentic. Frame a matchbook from a favorite PB restaurant and hang that on the wall. Place a Polaroid of you and your spouse at the beach in a charming shell-themed frame and set it out on Baby’s dresser. There are plenty of ways to add personal touches into the nursery that will contribute to the theme and bring back fond memories of vacations past.

What we particularly appreciate about a nursery theme like this one is that it will be easy for the space to grow with your child as he or she gets older. For example, palm trees are timeless and can be styled alongside older kid accessories for years to come. Lilly Pulitzer pieces also remain a classic and add so much vibrancy to any space. Happy decorating, and bring on the sunshine!

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