Curated, Practical and Full of Black Boy Joy: A New York City Nursery Tour
Nursery Tour

Curated, Practical and Full of Black Boy Joy: A New York City Nursery Tour

Equal parts creative and practical, this New York City nursery has just as much heart as the concrete jungle itself. Below, Lakeisha Dale and Ronald Draper take us on a tour of baby Don's space: where the furniture serve lasting function, the artwork make a statement, and the details create rhythm.

First off, tell us a little about yourself!

Lakeisha: Ronald and I are new parents who are passionate about giving our son memorable experiences. We are native New Yorkers (he is from Harlem and I am from The Bronx) that have been together for 14 years (married for 6). We have been anticipating the day we would become parents and now that that day has come we are just so grateful.

Interior style in 3 words:

Intentional, functional, curated

Star shape, color: blue
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Greenguard Gold
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Mini crib
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The Candy Cloud Crib $749
A mini crib, full crib and toddler bed
Savanna Sheet Set $45 - $59
Elephants, lions, giraffes, oh my!
Safari Mobile $89
Ooh baby, it’s a wild world
What was your vision for the nursery and what inspired it?

Lakeisha: I was inspired by the Candy Cloud Crib in Black Licorice and a picture of the cutest giraffe that Ronald drew for our 3 year old niece while she was visiting us in the winter during my pregnancy. From there I knew I wanted to have animals as a focus in his room and that I wanted the main furniture pieces I chose to compliment the crib. For Ronald, it was important that we included an art piece in the nursery that would make a statement. Most importantly I wanted the room to be functional for his growth and development. We want Don to not only be in a beautiful space, but to be able to learn from the space that he’s in. Interior decorating is a passion of mine so it was really fun for me to take the time during my pregnancy to research and find the perfect pieces for the nursery.

What’s the story behind the artwork above baby Don's crib?

Lakeisha and Ronald: Hebru Brantley is an artist that creates amazing imagery rooted in Black children pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world and beyond. We wanted Don to be able to see himself in the artwork in our home, minimizing space for the outside world to dictate his identity.

What are your favorite details in your nursery?

Lakeisha and Ronald: Our favorite detail of the nursery is the rhythm of the shapes and color in the room: from the smooth edges of the crib, to the spheric elements of the dresser, to the contrast of the textured iron against the mirrored glass. All of these dark focal points have a great relationship with the abundance of natural light in the room. The dark elements found in the room create the space for the pops of color to … pop.

Mauve oblong
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Embrace the rhythm.
Any tips for those designing a nursery?

Lakeisha and Ronald: First things first, imagine what life will look like in this space. It's very easy to fall in love with the look of something, but how are those things making your role as a parent easier? When it comes to choosing your big ticket items to be included in the nursery, make sure they’re just as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing.

Don't be afraid to incorporate color and contrast: it will be beneficial to their development as their vision progresses, and it can definitely serve as a mood-booster for the parents. You can do this easily with bed linens, throw pillows, curtains, shelves and rugs.

Always keep your child in mind. It's very easy to design the space that you want, but this is for them. They are going spend the first few years of their life in this room. You want them to grow up and know that this room was curated just for them.

We like to think about nurseries as spaces for everyday magic, any favorite parenthood memories in the room so far?

Ronald: Our first week home with our son and taking care of him while my wife recovered from delivering via C-section. Having to show up for my family in a way I have never experienced before was very fulfilling.

Lakeisha: My favorite memory is his first nap on my chest while sitting in the rocking chair. It was such a peaceful moment.