Inside Allison Kuch's Garden Nursery for Baby Scottie Bee
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Inside Allison Kuch's Garden Nursery for Baby Scottie Bee

Buzz into the flowers, critters and warmth of this garden-inspired nursery! We dreamed up a collection with tastemaker and first-time mom Allison Kuch (@allisonkuch) for baby Scottie Bee. In collaboration with Nestig, Allison designed the Field Frolic wallpaper and Baby Bee mobile—two timeless pieces sure to be loved for years to come. Below, Allison shares her design process, the special pieces in her nursery, and her favorite everyday moments as a new mom.

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What was your vision for the nursery and what inspired it?

With my interior design background, my baby’s nursery is a space I’ve always dreamt of creating! I wanted a space that would be aesthetically styled but still cozy and calm. The day we found out we were having a girl, we decided her middle name would be “Bee” after my husband's childhood nickname. When designing her nursery, it only felt right that the space incorporate her name and inspire the garden theme.

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Tell us about designing your mobile and wallpaper!

My collection includes the Baby Bee mobile and Field Frolic wallpaper. I really wanted the wallpaper to feel elegant and romantic but maintain a simplistic feel too. I wanted to keep the mobile simple as well. I thought the addition of flowers would be cute but ultimately decided on a timeless bee mobile that we can pass it down to our daughter!

What did you love most about the process of designing the nursery? What was the most challenging?

Designing my baby’s nursery is something I’ve dreamt of for a long time, even before I got married! I loved not only taking time to create the mobile and wallpaper but also pulling the space together with the simple touches. As for the most challenging piece, I have a tough time with decision making especially because I like so many different design styles!

What’s one advice you would share with someone who’s designing their nursery?

Take your time designing the nursery! I felt so much pressure to complete the space before she arrived but I’ve loved adding things in now that she’s here! Especially when thrifting pieces, I now have the memories of going shopping with her! 

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Besides your mobile and wallpaper, do you have other treasured pieces in your nursery that has a special story?

Just about everything in Scottie’s room has some kind of meaning behind it! We’ve thrifted quite a few pieces for her room but my favorite thrifted piece is a toy chest that my grandpa built for my dad when he was a toddler! It’s so special having that in Scottie’s nursery.

We like to think about nurseries as spaces for everyday magic! Any favorite parenthood memories in the room so far?

Every night we give Scottie a bath in her bathroom and continue her nighttime routine in her room. We read her stories, play lullabies, and put her down to sleep together, even sometimes the dogs join in!

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Photography by Becca Pierson