Nursery 101: How to Create a Nursery Color Palette
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Nursery 101: How to Create a Nursery Color Palette

In our Nursery 101 series, we asked interior designers and experts their favorite tips and how-to's on creating the perfect nursery.

DIY guru Anh Lin (@girlandtheword) shares how to build a cohesive color palette to fit your style and gives us a tour of her serene safari-themed nursery.

What was your vision for the nursery and what inspired it?

My main goal for this nursery was to, first and foremost, create a serene atmosphere where I can put my newborn down for her naps. That translated into a safari-themed design, where I worked with different shades of green and natural, wooden materials to achieve the feeling of being in a safe, fun, and calming environment.

Interior style in 3 words:

Modern, Elevated, Minimal

Star shape, color: blue
Tell us about your nursery color palette!

As shown in my nursery design, I went for a muted pastel color palette to evoke the feeling of lightness, warmth, and spaciousness. Color plays an important role in setting the mood for a space and it also impacts our mental health in very substantial ways.

When I revealed my nursery design with its muted color palette, I received many misinformed comments about how a neutral color palette is "bad" for child development. However, what most of those people don't realize is that babies can't fully see color until 4 or 5 months old. It's also crucial to take into consideration the main function of the space, the level of stimulation each family can tolerate, and the mother's needs as well.

Nurseries are mainly for putting the baby to sleep, which is why we see many moms choosing a more neutral color palette. Bright, vibrant colors will achieve the opposite effect for both Mom and child, and are often reserved for playrooms.

Mauve oblong
What are your tips for building a cohesive color palette for a space?

The secret is to use a single, thematic color as the hero of your design and then add 2-3 supporting colors that meld well with the hero color. For example, if your nursery features sage green wallpaper, find 2-3 other colors within that same muted family of colors and translate it into crib sheets, pillows, or other decorative furniture. Cohesion creates a sense of order and calm, which is great for restful spaces like a nursery or bedroom.

What’s one advice you would share with someone who’s designing their nursery?

Design is so entirely personal, and color palette plays a pivotal role in designing a functional space for your family. If it works for you, don't worry about the criticism of others. You know your family best!

We like to think about nurseries as spaces for everyday magic, what are you most looking forward to in parenthood?

I look forward to taking my baby girl on field trips. I've always been a hands-on learner, following my dad around in his backyard gardens and playing in the dirt, so I'd love to show my daughter God's beautiful creations one awesome field trip at a time.

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