A Brilliantly Blue Nursery
Nursery Tour

A Brilliantly Blue Nursery

With a sweetly subtle space theme and a Candy Cloud Crib in Bluebell at its center, this nursery is out of this world! Jewelry designer and first time mom Katherine Kane gives us a tour of her nursery designed with love for baby Mats.

First off, tell us a little about yourself!

I’m the Founder & Designer of K Kane, a fine jewelry brand based in New York City, and a first time new mama to Mats! It took 3 years, nine rounds of IVF and a laparoscopic endometriosis surgery to bring Mats into our lives. He is quite literally a dream come true, and every day I count my blessings that I get to be his mama and have a nursery at all.

Interior style in 3 words:

Whimsical, specific, unexpected

Mauve oblong
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Greenguard Gold
Full crib
Mini crib
Toddler bed
The Candy Cloud Crib $749
A mini crib, full crib and toddler bed
Starship Mobile $89
Even the sky’s not the limit
Close up
On crib
What was your vision for the nursery and what inspired it?

I wanted to create a space that felt playful and non traditional, and that would age with him for a few years without feeling too baby. I was stuck in the beginning, because whenever I would search for nursery inspo, I would come across rooms that didn’t feel like us for one reason or another. I ended up designing the room slowly by adding one piece that I loved at a time—starting with my Candy Cloud Crib in Bluebell! So I think you could say that it largely inspired my nursery, since I chose everything else around it. I would use the Photoshop app on my phone to quickly sub in different options for rugs, chairs, wallpaper, etc, before purchasing.

What are your favorite details in your nursery?

We did a subtle space theme because my husband is obsessed with space companies and because I love the idea of the sky being the limit, reaching for the stars, love to the moon and back! I love the Starship Mobile we chose to tie in, and my mom created a very special Moon painting for us.

Are there any pieces, products or decor with a special story you can share?

The Moon painting has hidden symbolism: it represents our beloved French Bulldog Juno who passed the day before we heard Mats’ heartbeat for the first time. I always felt like the timing had purpose. I like to think Juno stayed with me until she knew my baby was finally coming, and when she passed she became his guardian angel. I think I felt more secure during my pregnancy than I otherwise would have, knowing that she was up there watching over us. There’s a Sade song called The Sweetest Gift about a conversation between a Mama and the Moon and protecting and sharing light with baby, and it says it all.

Star shape, color: blue
Did your process for designing the nursery align with your creative process for your jewelry?

In some ways yes but others no! When I start designing a piece of jewelry, I can always visualize in my head what it’s going to look like. I can’t visualize interiors in the same way, so I move slower. I’m sure some good software would fix this, but I also like to be tactile in my approach, which does relate to how I design jewelry. I really have to see it in person to know if it works or needs a tweak. Trial and error is an important part of my creative process across the board.

What are your favorite K Kane jewelry pieces to gift?

Chain Letter Necklace is our iconic bestseller—it’s the perfect gift for any mama on your list. Gift her her kids names or initials and she won’t take the necklace off for years, I promise!

Star shape, color: blue
We like to think about nurseries as spaces for everyday magic, any favorite parenthood memories in the room so far?

There is so much joy in the everyday moments for me. Singing him Christmas carols during his bedtime feedings, having cooing “conversations” with him while he’s on the changing table, wrapping him in animal head towels after his baths. We waited so long for him that these little moments feel like everything.

Egg shape, color: green

Photography by Andrea Carson