Peek Inside This Maximalist’s Mini Nursery
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Peek Inside This Maximalist’s Mini Nursery

Detroit-based entrepreneur and creative Angela Wisniewski believes that “everything can be done with style” and she clearly practices what she preaches. Nested inside a Mies van der Rohe-designed townhome, her daughter’s room (once a guest room) is a cozy and chic place that’s designed with high art and practicality. Here, she chats with us about her approach to filling her daughter’s space with love as well as her advice on embracing your own aesthetic.

First off, tell us a little about yourself!

Hi! I am a stylist and digital creative consultant. I own a women's lifestyle boutique in Detroit called Coup D'état. I live and work in the city of Detroit with my handsome husband, my feline BFF and our lovely 4 month-old daughter. Her given name is Baldwin (after James Baldwin) but we call her Ama, one of her middle names we had been calling her since she was in my womb. I have sort of a "joie de vivre" approach to life and I think it's important to find beauty and humor in all things if you are able. Also—everything can be done with style!

Interior style in 3 words:

Vibrant, playful, chic

Egg shape, color: green
Your daughter's space is currently a "mini nursery" in your guest room—how did you approach creating a spot just for her?

Our home is a historic townhouse designed by Mies van der Rohe. He had a "less is more" approach to design. By nature, I am more of a maximalist so I am always trying to make the space more efficient and also conducive to our changing lifestyles. Before Ama made her debut, her nursery was a guest room (see also: my closet!). We kept my old platform bed in it (it also has six large drawers for storage) which came in very handy for our temporary night nurse, her grandmas and when we want to sleep in the room while she is in her crib. When Ama was a newborn we used the Wave mini crib in our bedroom and her nursery—because it was on wheels it was perfect for moving around our space. She outgrew the mini crib at three months and she now sleeps in the full crib. The transition was so easy and I love that we didn't have to buy a whole new piece of furniture. I recommend this crib to all of my expecting friends!

What tips do you have for parents who are room sharing but want to make their "nurseries" still feel special? 

Just like parenting, your approach for designing your child's space should be based on what works for your family. In this case, I wanted it to be fun and functional while also not going too crazy with a build-out or expenses because I know, as much as I love it, this is not our forever home. I invested in what I think the early essentials are (transitional crib, changing table with storage, a rocking chair) and decor that will still work when she is a toddler (and maybe even a teen!).

Egg shape, color: green
Are there any pieces, products or decor with a special story you can share? 

Honestly, a lot of the artwork in her nursery (which I rotate) are pieces that once adorned the walls of my old apartment but didn't necessarily work in the other parts of our home. So she is inheriting it, haha. As I mentioned earlier, she was named after James Baldwin and one of my favorite quotes of his is "Love brought you here" so I hired my friend, Kelly Golden, an amazing sign painter to create a small custom piece for her nursery of the same quote. After all, love brought her here. Another piece I am in love with is an Untitled work from Lakela Brown from women-owned Reyes-Finn Gallery here in Detroit. Lakela's work is phenomenal.

Your style is so dynamic—do you have any advice for people who are looking to better define their personal style? 

Try to meet yourself at the corner of "open to try new things" and "stay true to yourself." It's really easy to fall prey to an Instagram aesthetic or other ideas that an algorithm controls. Authenticity is chic! Style over fashion! Only buy it if you absolutely love it!

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What are a few things you're most looking forward to as a mother?

Every day there is a new feeling with her that I have never felt. I think what I am looking forward to most is feeling my heart continue to grow and experiencing a new worldview, all thanks to my daughter. In some way, she has made me softer and stronger. I am so lucky.

We like to think about nurseries as spaces for everyday magic, any favorite motherhood memories in the room so far? 

I really cherish my nursing sessions with her during the wee hours of the night, (as exhausted as I may be!). Those moments are so pure and beautiful.

Photography by Emily E Berger