Nursery Paint Colors for a Serene Sanctuary

Nursery Paint Colors for a Serene Sanctuary

As you prep your nursery for your baby, don’t forget the paint! You will want to design a space that’s calming for both you and your little one, and tackling the wall colors is an excellent way to do so. 

Here, we’re outlining some of the best nursery paint colors and other key ways to add color to the space.

The Best Neutral Colors for Your Nursery

Feeling neutral? Why not! Neutral colors are easy to decorate with, given that they pair well with so many different accent pieces.

Here are a few of our top neutral color palette options:

Calming Beige and Gray

Beiges and gray paint colors have a calming effect and will never go out of style; they truly stand the test of time. They make an incredible alternative to plain white walls without being too bold. For a truly unique touch, try greige—a mixture of the best gray and beige. It’s as soothing as a traditional pastel or white nursery but has its own unique twist. 

This color scheme is particularly nice in rooms that feature natural wooden furniture and accents.

Peaceful Earth Tones

Pewters, natural tans, and other neutral, earthy tones are also fantastic choices for a baby’s room. Rooms painted these colors can be styled to appear modern, traditional, or somewhere in between. Once again, wooden pieces pair wonderfully with these interior paint hues.

Serene Taupe and Cream Hues

Bright taupe and cream hues are the perfect colors to make any room appear larger. Try out these fabulous alternatives to off-white. These soothing shades look lovely alongside black furniture, which will really pop. These modern nursery colors can be great as an accent wall and shine when complemented by lots of natural light.

The Best Colorful Crib Options

When it comes to selecting a crib, consider thinking outside the box and going for something colorful. There are many cheerful hues that we particularly love, as outlined below:

Mint-Colored Crib

A mint green crib is oh-so-sweet! Whether you’re designing a space inspired by nature or just looking to embrace current trends (green is having a major moment these days!), this is the pick for you.

Rose-Colored Crib

Maybe you’re looking to incorporate a pop of pink into your nursery without going all out on the walls. In that case, a rose-colored crib is an excellent solution. This one reminds us of fresh blooms and all things adorable.

Cotton Candy Blue Crib

Say hello to beautiful blue! A cotton candy blue crib is soothing and perfect for a coastal or nautical-themed space.

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How To Add Color to Your Nursery Design

That’s not all! There are several other ways to easily add color to your nursery.

Here are some of our favorites: 

Add a Washable Rug

Don’t forget about the floors! A rug is a great way to tie a room together and make your baby’s nursery feel extra warm and cozy.

Opt for a washable piece—trust us, it will make your life with a new baby so much easier. Nestig’s washable rugs feature an array of designs and color choices, whether you’re looking to incorporate undertones of pink, light blue, orange… or something else entirely.

Add Color With Wall Decor

Prints, photographs, and paintings will add both accent color and personality to a child’s room. Whether you choose to support a local artist, frame some of your own pictures, or DIY a cute canvas, you can’t go wrong. When selecting art or making a feature wall, think about pieces that can grow with your baby and will look wonderful in his or her toddler or childhood room, too.

Install a Colorful Baby Mobile

A colorful mobile will stimulate your baby while he or she is lying in the crib. When selecting a mobile, you can choose something more abstract or pick a piece featuring animals or nature motifs. Your little one will be fascinated either way!

Room Paint and Nursery Ideas

Starting with paint and ending with small accents, there are truly so many ways to get colorful in the nursery. Seemingly simple touches will truly make all the difference in your little one’s space.

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