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Taylor Bergthold is the owner and artist behind Created For Eden and personality behind the YouTube channel of the same name that has garnered over 2M views.

Together with her husband, Taylor lives a life of intention in their 400 sq. ft tiny house.

As a tiny house owner who is working with limited space, it was important to be strategic with the interior as they prepared their space for a new baby.

Before getting started, the parents-to-be had already chosen their newborn's name, Zion. This helped to inform their design, as they centered the space on an abstract print of on Zion National Park and worked with a Zion inspired color palette of terracottas and browns.

Star shape, color: blue

We asked Taylor to share a few of her takes about her son's finished space!

Interior style in 3 words?
Minimal, intentional, and artsy
Are there any pieces, products or decor with a special story you can share?
The two dried flowers on the wall are significant. The long green one, I made at my baby shower. The larger bouquet was from my brother's wedding. Also, the embroidered birth record was handmade by my sister-in-law!
Mauve oblong
What would you tell another parent about your Nestig crib?
What I really love about the Nestig crib is how it grows with the child, transitioning from a bassinet to a crib to a toddler bed. In my search for cribs, this was one of the only ones that I found that started out as a bassinet, which is extremely useful in those first few months. Additionally, the quality of the crib is unlike any I’ve ever seen. Every inch of its unique design shows that it was thought of and made with intention. I can’t recommend this crib enough.
Get the look
From above
Close up
With crib
From above
Close up
With crib
Arches Rug $299
Because rainbows make everything better
Full crib
Mini crib
Toddler bed
Full crib
Mini crib
Toddler bed
The Cloud Crib $749
A mini crib, full crib and toddler bed
Close up
On crib
Savanna Sheet Set $39 - $55
Elephants, lions, giraffes, oh my!
We like to think about nurseries as spaces for everyday magic, any favorite motherhood memories in the room so far?
Everyday with your baby is magic, even the seemingly mundane days. If I had to name a few, bringing him home for the first time, rocking him to sleep in the stillness of evening, and the first time he smiled at me are at the top of my list of magical moments.
Egg shape, color: green
Thanks, Taylor and Zion—we love your space!
Photography courtesy of Taylor Bergthold

Everyday magic, captured.

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