What makes our cribs extra (extra) special?
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materials • a sustainable start
We procure our materials from sustainable sources. We design the cribs to be sustainable, too — to last and grow with your family.
We craft each crib with sustainably sourced wood — wood that’s harvested locally in Brazil from reforested land.
production • all the experience
Our cribs are made by artisans in a family-owned Brazilian factory with over forty years of experience. It’s a place where employees are treated kindly.
A place where the craftsmanship is a mix of new technology, classic hand detailing and uncompromising commitment to safety.
just enough • minimal waste
Our just enough model means that we make just the right amount for you (and the world).
We work with heritage manufacturers in small batches to produce just the right amount. A crib that’s sourced and handmade in Brazil, and delivered right to you.
at home • everyday magic
Not every day will be magic, but we hope our carefully constructed cribs help you find magic in the every day.
And everyday peace of mind, too: Each and every one of our cribs is safety certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturing Association.