What makes our rugs extra (extra) awesome?
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materials • a sustainable start
We procure our materials from sustainable sources. We design the rugs to be sustainable, too — to last (and last), wash after wash, spill after spill.
Our rugs are made using super soft, super durable organic cotton — grown locally in Brazil — with non-toxic, all-natural dyes.
production • all the experience
We partner with small, sustainable, family-owned businesses on our production. Our rugs are hand-loomed in Brazil by local artisans with decades of experience.
Each organic rug is the handiwork of that artisan — and therefore truly one of a kind. After being loomed, each rug is hand-treated, trimmed and then sent from Brazil directly to you.
just enough • minimal waste
Our just enough model means that we make just the right amount for you (and the world).
We work with heritage manufacturers who produce in small in small batches. Because quality will always be more important than quantity to us.
at home • everyday magic
Not every day will be magic, but we hope our happy, handmade rugs help you find magic in the every day.
Especially since our machine-washable organic cotton rugs are durable (see: spilt milk, tiny toddler feet) and design forward (think: cheery colors, minimal motifs).