An exploration of childhood joy & curiosity, designed for Nestig by Tan France.

I wanted to create something that felt whimsical, fun, & playful that would really help my child explore who they are.

– Tan France
Star, color: yellow
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Greenguard Gold
Full crib
Mini Crib
Toddler bed
The Candy Cloud Crib $749
A mini crib, full crib and toddler bed
Whirl Wallpaper $45 - $95
Soar through the sky
Birdsong Rug $375
Everything in harmony
Path Quilt $129
Chart a new course
Sold Out
Sold Out
Whirl Sheet Set $45 - $59
Soar through the sky

Everything in the collection is classic, designed to live in a child’s space for years.

– Tan France
Oblong shape, color: yellow
Tell us a bit about the inspiration for the collection!
The main thing that inspired by collection was of course, my son Ismail. He’s always been fascinated by David Attenborough’s nature documentaries and he’s obsessed with monkeys in particular—whenever a monkey comes on the screen he goes bananas (no pun intended!).
How does your experience with fashion impact your approach to interior design?
I personally believe that if you’re someone who already knows and loves fashion, it’s an easy jump into interior design. You likely really understand what colors go together and what aesthetics work well for certain personalities.
How has becoming a father changed your style?
You know, everyone assumes my style has changed since I became a father, but it hasn’t changed that much! Yes, I might wear slightly a looser pant, but other than that I still like to get dressed up. For me, dressing a certain way makes me emote. When I get dressed in a way that I like, I feel happier—it makes me a jollier person, a jollier parent. Yes comfort is important, but you still want to feel good in what you’re wearing!