Choosing the Perfect Summer Baby Name
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Choosing the Perfect Summer Baby Name

Summer is here, and if you’re expecting a little one this season, you may be considering opting for a baby name that reflects this time of year. Below are a bunch of our favorite monikers that are equal parts festive and sweet. 


Summer is, of course, the most obvious seasonal baby name and is one that has remained popular in recent decades. The name is British in origin and is definitely a crowd pleaser: After all, many people like to claim that summer is the best season!


By no means does your little one need to make her debut in the month of June for this name to be a winner, but we would guess that generally, women with this name were indeed born during this early summer month. The name is simple yet sweet, easy to spell and say, and would also make for a wonderful middle name.


“August” isn’t just the name of a popular song from Taylor Swift’s Folklore album; it’s been a popular boys name for quite some time, too. Unsurprisingly, the name was derived from the name Augustus. Augusta makes for an excellent counterpart for girls—though August itself is becoming increasingly unisex.

Floral Names

Floral-inspired names have been popular for centuries. If you’ve long been drawn to these types of names but don’t know where to begin, consider the various flowers that are in bloom during the summer months. Some of our favorites include: Dahlia, Peony, Rose, Lily, Daisy, and Jasmine. Rose in particular is also a common middle name or can be used as a double first name (think Mary Rose or Sarah Rose, for example). If you’re expecting twin girls, you could select two of these special names to honor your duo in a way that’s cute, not cheesy.


If you’re the literary type, you may wish to take inspiration from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. While most of the names from the play are a bit out there in our modern world, the name Helena remains popular and allows you to subtly pay homage to this classic.


Sunny days are ahead…why not honor your summer baby with a name that evokes all things bright and cheerful? The name is often used for both boys and girls.


If summertime has you envisioning Sandy beaches, why not opt for the name Sandy as a nickname for the longer Alexander? Given how popular the name Alex is for both boys and girls, Sandy makes for an excellent alternative and will help distinguish your child when he starts school, too.

Water Themed Names

River and Lake are both beautiful names that have a peaceful quality about them. As a bonus, they’re short, easy to spell, and sound excellent with a wide range of last names.


Last but not least, why not look to the Zodiac signs when naming your summer baby? The name Leo receives lots of attention all throughout the year, but we like the idea of it having a double meaning. Plus, the association with Leonardo Di Caprio doesn’t hurt!

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