Creative Ways to Spoil Mom This Mother's Day
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Creative Ways to Spoil Mom This Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is coming right up, and if you’re wondering just how you can make sure the mom of your little ones feels appreciated and spoiled this holiday, we’re here to help. Below, real moms chime in with their ideal Mother’s Day gifts—some of which are completely free!

Treat Mom to Breakfast in Bed

If you’re looking for a gift idea that will wow yet doesn’t require so much as getting ready and leaving the house, this one’s for you! Stock up on Mom’s favorite breakfast essentials and get ready to help start her day off on the right foot. 

“For years on Mother’s Day, I was served breakfast in bed. My three children would proudly present me with a handmade menu from the ‘Mom’s Cafe’ and gleefully wait while I ordered my meal from their masterpiece. With help from Dad, the breakfast was always yummy, but those handcrafted menus are my most cherished mementos of motherhood to date.” — Jodie O’Brien, founder of DUET Candles

Create New Traditions

If it’s Mom’s first Mother’s Day, ask her what she has in mind as part of her dream day. Or, if you wish to keep things a surprise, the below itinerary is bound to get your wheels turning. 

“This will be my first Mother's Day, and I'm so excited to spend the day creating new traditions with my eight month old son, husband, and goldendoodle. The ideal Mother’s Day would start with the gift of sleep and my husband taking over the morning routine. We would then take a leisurely family walk along the Hudson River while drinking my favorite matcha latte. In lieu of clothing or jewelry, I much prefer a beautiful flower arrangement or relaxing manicure/pedicure.” — Jessica Alex of Jessica Alex Interiors

Have a Photo Shoot

Photos are truly a gift that keeps on giving. Why not treat Mom to a special family shoot, either on Mother’s Day or at a later date this spring? She’ll cherish these special snaps for decades to come. 

“I also think a great gift for any mom would be to hire a professional photographer to capture candid, fun moments of the family at the park—though make sure Mom has time to do her hair and throw on a cute outfit! Photographs are forever sentimental and beautiful to display. And if I’ve noticed anything about the last eight months it’s that there is always one parent missing from the photo and that many of the beautiful moments went uncaptured.” — Jessica Alex 

Or Make Mom a Photobook

Gather favorite photos from throughout the year and pop them into a photobook for Mom to treasure. You could even do this post-shoot, too, as a little something extra. 

“Nothing shows Mom you love her like sharing your favorite photos and written memories in a customized photo book. The best part is this is a gift the whole family can participate in. Don't forget to include favorite trips together, funny memories, and notable mom quotes for a trip down memory lane. A great resource to get your creative juices flowing is Mixbook.” — Christy Spearman & Kate Duffy of Duffy Scott Interiors

Let Mom Enjoy a Girls Day

Give Mom a little time off to catch up with her girlfriends for just a couple of hours. Sometimes, a bit of BFF time is all she truly wants! 

“My favorite Mother’s Day tradition is going to brunch with a couple of my best mom friends. Our husbands take on kid duty while we enjoy a couple hours of kid-free time, mimosas, and brunch food! We’ve been doing this every year for the past four or five years, and I highly recommend it.” — Katy Allen, founder of Artful Agenda

Or Treat Her to Some Peace and Quiet

Maybe Mom doesn’t feel like socializing at all! Allow her to take some much needed time to herself, even if all she craves is having a few hours to take on a practical project or read that new novel that’s been sitting on her shelf.

“The best Mother’s Day gift is a time to do what I want. It might sound silly, but last year I told my husband that I wanted to be able to spend the afternoon cleaning out my closet with no distractions. It’s so hard to find time and space to do things like that when you are a mom of little kids!” — Katy Allen

Gift Her a Gallery Membership

The artsy mom will appreciate having somewhere to go and gather immediate inspiration every time she’s in need of a creative boost. 

“Art galleries are a favorite day adventure for us! If the mom in your life is an art lover, why not gift her a membership to the city’s best art museum? This gift keeps on giving throughout the year. The best part is she can partake in the excursions in so many facets: as a solo date to escape and be inspired, with friends to a new exhibit opening and enjoying dinner out after, or with the family where the kids can enjoy any exhibits and interactive adventures.” — Christy Spearman & Kate Duffy

Create a Distraction

Mother’s Day may not, in fact, be Mom’s favorite day of the year. Allow her to take some time to unplug a bit if she has a difficult relationship with the holiday.

“My mother-in-law and I have a great relationship and we’ve both always felt a little funny around Mother’s Day because of our relationships with our own mothers. We both love antiquing, so we’ve reclaimed Mother’s Day as Antiquing Day! We spend the day visiting our favorite antique mall, have lunch at a side-of-the-road cafe, and don’t talk about motherhood at all. It’s lovely!” — Lindsay Sherbondy, founder of Lindsay Letters