Zara Fina Stasi's Nature-Inspired Nursery Tour

Nursery Tour:

Zara Fina Stasi

Zara Fina Stasi, a painter, muralist, and illustrator, is the founder of @goodforthebees, a creative studio in NYC. “Currently, I am inspired by the nature of place—thinking about where we are from, what nature is present there, and how that might impact us in our lives,” Stasi reflects. 

Now a new mom to son Theo, Zara has been able to showcase her creative talent in her little one’s nursery design, too. We spoke with her about how she decorated Theo’s abode with meaningful pieces, many of which pay a nod to special family memories and relatives.

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Here are a few questions we asked Zara about her nursery design and how she is taking care of herself as a new mom!

Interior style in 3 words?
Natural, handmade, repurposed.
How did you approach the design process and what did you learn throughout?
We took it slowly and let it come together organically. We started with the crib, knowing we wanted something sustainable that could grow as Theo did. And we loved the natural look and feel. The mural was the last piece, actually. I painted it when I was eight and a half months pregnant and the design was a bit of an unknown until that day when I saw what colors I had on hand. Most of the items in the room were given a new life: We refinished the desk, which was originally Theo’s grandfather’s and we used it as a changing table for the first few months. The bookshelf was his great-grandmother’s. The mirror was thrifted. Many of his books and clothes were handed down. The plants have been with us as a couple for a long time.
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Are there any pieces, products or decor with a special story you can share?
The mural is an ode to us as a couple. The inspiration came to me on the subway as I sketched in my notebook. I started drawing plants from our life together: the willow from our first apartment in the East Village; a magnolia tree representing Virginia where we met at school; ferns from my parents home in Cape May, where we were married. I realized how important nature and place are to our relationship, and when I got home, I showed my husband Andy and knew I had the perfect palette of lush greens and deep blues on hand. I am excited to see what plants become important to Theo throughout his life. Also especially important to me is a blanket that was made by Theo’s great-great-grandmother. She made it by hand for me when I was born, and now it sits with us on his rocking chair every day. Theo and I both have middle names dedicated to her.
What would you tell another parent about your Nestig crib?
You will love the flexibility of rolling it into your room, especially in the early days (and especially as first time parents!). We live in an apartment and we were able to easily roll him all around when we wanted to keep him nearby.
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We like to think about nurseries as spaces for everyday magic, any favorite motherhood memories in the room so far?
Early mornings when we look out the window and listen for birds. I will always love that first hug as I pull him out of the crib and we head to the window.
As a new mom and entrepreneur, tell us how you are prioritizing self care.
I am taking time in a lot of different ways: journaling in the mornings, solo trips to museums, and (short!) runs with our running stroller now that Theo is old enough. Mornings in general are my favorite time to create, so after that first feed, I have a couple uninterrupted hours to create in my studio.
Thank you Zara and Theo—we love your space!
Photography by Kelsey Rose Photo

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