Sicily Quilt
Sweet as a summer's day
Safari Quilt
Oh baby, it’s a wild world
Arches Quilt
Rainbows without the rain
Most Loved
Swan Lake Quilt
Sweet and serene
Starship Quilt
Even the sky’s not the limit
Starlight Quilt
A visual version of a lullaby
Daisy Quilt
A field of wildflowers
Paper Plane Quilt
Let imagination take flight
Stripes Quilt
A little color can go a long way
Deep Sea Party Quilt
A whale of a good time
Flutter Quilt
Spread your wings
Alphabet Garden Quilt
How does your alphabet grow?
Juniper Quilt
Get lost in the grove
Hill Country Quilt
Where the little ones dream all day
Whirl Quilt
Soar through the sky
Path Quilt
Chart a new course

The Organic Cotton Quilt

Handmade to love and last through snuggles, play and cozy days. A new world to explore, a reminder of someone you love, comfort for bedtime and beyond!

Blue oblong shape