Nestig x Lullaby Earth Breeze Air Mini Mattress

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While each of our mini-cribs comes with a standard mattress, we've partnered with Lullaby Earth to create a mattress custom-made for our cribs that comes with a washable breathable cover for extra peace of mind. 
This style consists of a non-toxic waterproof mattress with a removable washable, waterproof, breathable cover. It is non-toxic, waterproof, hygienic, and provides proper newborn support—everything  you need for your baby's safe sleep.

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Delivery time: if ordered with a crib, delivery time will match the timeline of the crib, if ordered on its own, the delivery time is 2-3 weeks.


Breathable and Non-Toxic

no flame retardant chemicals
no vinyl, phthalates, or PFCs
no polyurethane foam

Meet Lullaby Earth

  • The mattress is Greengaurd Gold certified, made with an easy-to-clean fabric with a patented waterproof coating so pure it actually meets food contact standards.
  • The breathable fabric is 3-dimensional, allowing air to flow through the fabric and under the baby for 360° air circulation.
  • The breathable cover is completely removable and can be placed directly in the washing machine for easy cleanup.
  • Designed by parents for parents and made in the USA.
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