10 Ideas for Jazzing Up Nursery Walls
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10 Ideas for Jazzing Up Nursery Walls

As you decorate the nursery, you certainly don’t want to forget about the walls! While it’s easy to simply hang up a piece of framed art and call it a day, there’s so much more that you can do to make your nursery walls shine. Why not think a bit outside the box? Below are 10 of our favorite tools for jazzing up nursery walls.

Make a Splash With Wallpaper and Murals

Who can forget about wallpaper? It’s remained incredibly popular over the past decade and will continue to have its moment in 2023. Nestig now offers its own wallpaper collection, with so many fun prints and patterns to choose from. Whether you design an accent wall or paper all four is entirely up to you. Select from cityscapes, animal themes, geometric designs, and so much more. If you have wallpaper left over after your project is complete, you can also pop it into a frame and turn it into art of its own!

Murals also look lovely on nursery walls. Try your hand at painting one yourself if you’re feeling crafty. You can use stencils or just freehand it! Stripes, polka dots, and geometric shapes are easy to DIY. Not looking to get your artsy side on today? Try a premade mural like our darling Block Party option.

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Install Removable Decals

Wall decals are popular for homeowners and renters alike, as they’re easy to remove whenever the time comes. There are countless options to choose from, whether you’re looking to hang up some zoo animals, flowers, shapes, or something else entirely.

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Hang Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are great because they’re aesthetically pleasing but also functional. They come in all shapes and sizes and are wonderful for housing all kinds of things, from board books to framed art. Plus, if you like to redecorate often, floating shelves are particularly excellent, given that you can simply switch out what’s on display without worrying about nail holes or measurements. We love a floating bookshelf filled with colorful or seasonal reads for Baby, for example. 

Go Big With Gallery Walls

Gallery walls aren’t just for the living room, trust us. Install one in the nursery to add tons of visual interest to the space. Not sure what to hang on your gallery wall? Mixing and matching pieces of all kinds is always in style. Work in some family photos, art prints, sports memorabilia, or whatever else inspires you. Note that you don’t need to stick to the same style of picture frame across the board, either, if you prefer a more collected over time look.

Have Fun With Letters

Spell out Baby’s name or monogram using wooden letters (you can buy these at the craft store and decorate them to your liking) or order a customized name decal to hang above their crib. Letters add timeless charm to any nursery, and as your child gets older, they’ll appreciate having a space that’s truly their own!

Prioritize Storage

We all know that little kids come with a lot of stuff! Lucy O'Brien ofTartan & Toile offers some tips as to how to best keep clutter at bay in a room for two. “Break down everything you need for the new baby and everything you need to keep in the room for your toddler,” she suggests. “One thing with both of these age groups is that they go through stages and items very fast. Keep just what they need now in the room for easy switch over.” As for specific storage solutions, you really can’t go wrong with a number of different options. O’Brien recommends baskets/dividers, shelving, color coordinated hangers, fun containers, and more.

Get Spirited With Pennants

Showcase your family’s love for a particular sports team, school, or town by hanging up a spirited pennant. You can adhere a pennant directly to the wall or place it inside a frame for a more elevated look.

Be Crafty With Quilts

Why not hang a special quilt on the wall? Quilts will add warmth and color to a space and are bound to make the nursery feel extra cozy. Perhaps you have a special one from your travels or a piece that was handmade by a relative. Now is its time to shine!

Say Yes to Sconces

Sconces aren’t just for grownup rooms. Placing some in the nursery will help eliminate the need for table lamps and will make a dimly lit room appear brighter. As an added bonus, sconces have so much personality and can help you better achieve whatever vision you have for your nursery space, whether you’re craving a Parisian-inspired room or are designing something more modern. 

Display Some Sheet Music

Musical parents may wish to frame a few pieces of favorite sheet music to hang in the nursery. Choose a song with special meaning to your family (or perhaps one that inspired your little one’s name) for a creative twist.

Make Use of Wall Hooks
Wall hooks are great for holding robes, totes, and more, but go ahead and choose a hook with a fun shape or design. We love rainbow shaped hooks or ones with little animal heads attached to add a bit of whimsy to the nursery.

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