Nestig Picks for Pisces Babies
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Nestig Picks for Pisces Babies

Pisces babies, born between February 19 and March 20, are known for being empathetic, creative, artistic, and sensitive. It’s imperative that a Pisces has a safe space in which to unwind and fully let their mind wander—so when designing your little one’s nursery, you’ll want to play to their imaginative, emotional side with the following picks.

Piper the Mushroom

Piper the Mushroom is the best little companion for a Pisces baby, given that she is described as being a caring, optimistic dreamer. Like any compassionate Pisces, she is eager to help those around her and is idealistic in nature, looking at the world through rose colored glasses. She’s also pretty darn cute!

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Birdsong Mobile

Continuing with Piper and her nature theme, hang our Birdsong Mobile above your baby’s crib. The cloud designs will help to soothe their sensitive soul while allowing their imagination to take flight. During naptime, they’ll feel like they’re laying back in a grassy park.

Star shape, color: blue
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Birdsong Mobile $89
Everything in harmony
Greenguard Gold
Full crib
Mini crib
Toddler bed
The Island Wave Crib $799
A mini crib, full crib and toddler bed
Whirl Quilt $129
Soar through the sky
Heyday Rug

Our Heyday Rug is the perfect complementary piece to go with this mobile. Handmade and machine washable, it’s a carefully made piece that isn’t too precious and will stand the test of time as your little one grows into his or her toddler years. 

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Otto the Duck $49
Playful, engaged & celebratory
Stepping Stone Wallpaper

Our Stepping Stone Wallpaper is a great choice for any budding creative. The geometric pattern is contemporary and full of energy and is available in three different colorways—mint, sky, and pink—making it a fantastic option no matter your color nursery scheme.

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