Top Nursery Design Tips with Little Crown Interiors
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Top Nursery Design Tips with Little Crown Interiors

Ready to start thinking about creating your nursery but totally stumped on where to start? 

Enter Little Crown Interiors, a California-based design firm led by ​​Naomi Alon Coe that specifically specializes in creating beautiful nursery spaces. Known for her classic color palettes and Instagram-worthy design elements, Naomi’s unique, fine-tuned approach to interior design will give you endless amounts of classic inspiration. Read on to find out her #1 nursery essential, why you should always make a checklist and how to narrow down that endless inspiration list into something actually possible.

When approaching a brand new nursery design, where do you start?

I typically like to start with any inspiration photos that the client has. They generally feel a bit overwhelmed by everything they see on social media, etc. so we’ll go through everything together and work on finding the key elements they are drawn to so we know what design direction to take. After that, we always discuss functionality and budget to make sure we choose pieces that work perfectly for them!

Are there any questions you always ask parents to help get an understanding of the kind of space they want to create for their little one?

We have a big questionnaire! I like to always ask specific questions about things like wallpaper—is that something they want to do? Do they have any idea about the type of window treatments they want? Most of our nursery clients don’t have many specifics in mind yet, but if they do, it’s important to know about those up front.

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What are your favorite design elements to incorporate?

Wallpaper! We use it all the time because it just makes a nursery so unique and fun. And there are so many options for removable wallpaper now that it doesn’t even have to be permanent.

What, in your opinion, should parents never compromise on in the nursery?

Safety. It doesn’t matter how gorgeous something is, if it’s not safe, it shouldn’t be in the nursery. We’ve had to have a few hard conversations over the years with clients on certain things, but it always works out better in the end. Of course, there are certain elements that parents use on occasion and then remove when the baby is actually in there, but in general, things like crib bumpers, cords on blinds, hanging crib canopies, etc. shouldn’t be used. There’s a whole chapter on this in my book!

What are the top three tips you’d give new parents when they are thinking about designing their own nurseries?

1. Evaluate what you have before you start. You may want to reuse the existing curtains, pull something out of storage, or use a hand-me-down. Make a list of anything you may want to use that you already own. 2. Create a checklist. Most parents don’t know exactly what needs to go in a nursery, and costs can really add up toward the end. Having a thorough checklist in place is a great way to stay on top of budget, ordering and deliveries. 3. Have fun. The nursery is the one room in your home where you can have fun without limits! Make it a space that feels good to you as a parent. This space is about YOU.

What is your dream nursery theme to design for?

We don’t use a lot of themes, but I’ve always wanted to design a nursery with some really unique color palettes. We do a lot of blush, neutrals, pale blues and greens, and even black and white. I love clients who aren’t afraid to experiment with color!

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Design by Little Crown Interiors | Photos by Lauren Pressey