Nestig Crib Buying Guide
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Nestig Crib Buying Guide


Purchasing a crib can be a daunting task. There are so many practical boxes to check while still making sure it looks beautiful! In this article we’ll explore the 5 main questions we think every parent should ask when looking to purchase a crib.

1. Why Nestig?

Safety First, Second and Third!

Each crib we sell is tested and independently certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturing Association (JPMA). The Juvenile Products Manufacturing Association certifies that both our cribs are non-toxic and that they have a high mechanical quality. This means, we thought through everything so you can just enjoy!  


Dedicated to Sustainability

Each of our cribs are made from sustainably harvested solid Brazilian pine from reforested land in Brazil. We also have a no-inventory model which means that instead of producing in huge runs like traditional retailers, we make just the right amount for you (and the world)!

Family Owned

All of our cribs are made by artisans in a family-owned Brazilian factory with over forty years of experience.

2. Functionality: What does the crib do? (Other than allow your baby to sleep comfortably, of course!)

Our cribs are designed to grow with your baby which means there’s no need to purchase a new bed at every stage!


Nestig offers 3 cribs that are 3-in-1 convertible cribs. The Wave crib, the Cloud crib, and the Candy Cloud convert from a mini-crib to a full crib and a toddler bed. 

Our Snow crib starts off as a bassinet, then converts to a full crib and then to a toddler bed. 


Our Mountain crib begins as a full crib, and then converts to a toddler bed. 


Nestig has an option for every parent and child!

3. Crib Style: Which crib design will better suit your needs?

Mini-crib/ bassinet and full crib: Each of our mini cribs and full cribs are designed to have 3 adjustable heights. Our Snow bassinet however, differs from our mini cribs so that it does not have adjustable heights, but is designed to be used bedside.


Toddler bed: Our toddlers do not have adjustable heights. Our Wave toddler bed is designed to be Montessori style, and sits closer to the ground than the rest of our cribs. Our Cloud/ Candy Cloud, Snow and Mountain toddler beds are designed to be elevated.

4. Materials: What are our cribs made of, and what colors are they available in?

All of our cribs are made of sustainably harvested Brazilian pine and/or eco-engineered wood. The Cloud and Candy Cloud cribs also feature stainless steel spindles. 



Available in two colors: natural wood or white



Available in one color: a combination of white spindles and a walnut-stained wood railing


Candy Cloud

Available in 5 colors: Mint, Rose, Bluebell, Cotton Candy Blue and Black Licorice



Available in white



Available in a combination of white and wood 


Still not sure which crib you want? Click here and let our nursery tours  inspire you!

5. Timing: When should you purchase the crib?

All of our cribs are made to order, which means we hold no excess inventory. This means that there is a wait time of weeks to (at most) a couple of months before your crib can be delivered. Because of this, we recommend purchasing the crib at a time 1-2 months before your baby is scheduled to arrive so that you are able to set up the crib and be sure that everything works well.

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