Wall Decor Ideas for the Nursery
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Wall Decor Ideas for the Nursery

No space is complete without wall decor, and that includes the nursery! If you’re wondering how to creatively jazz up your child’s space and make it appear more personal and complete, you’ll want to keep reading. We’re sharing some of our favorite wall decor ideas for the nursery as well as providing you with a glimpse of our new wall art offerings, which will look fabulous grouped together in a gallery wall or displayed individually.

Hang Wall Art

Whether you opt to install wallpaper or a mural or will be painting your nursery walls, take things a step further with some framed wall art. Our new collection of prints is designed to pair perfectly with our wallpaper and mural offerings, making it easy to build off of an existing room theme. For example, why not hang our Borough Wallpaper—perfect for the city baby—alongside Route Framed Wall Art Set, illustrating taxis, buses, and more. If you’re going with a floral theme in the nursery, install our Daisy Wallpaper and then hang a Spring Framed Wall Art Set on top of it.

That said, our prints will shine solo, too. Hang the Woodland Animals Framed Wall Art Set above the crib so that your little one will always have an animal friend to keep them company. Or brighten up a blank wall in a corner nook with a cheerful picture of NYC taxis—the possibilities are endless! 

The options don’t stop here when it comes to nursery wall art. Read on for a few additional tips and tricks that are sure to inspire!

Install Wallpaper or a Mural

While some people prefer to paint the nursery, others will add whimsy with wallpaper or a wall mural. Nurseries should be playful, warm, and welcoming, after all, so don’t shy away from playful animal motifs, colorful stripes, or beautiful florals, just to name a few options.

Of course, if you don’t wish to go big on all four walls, you can simply install a mural to create an accent wall—behind the crib is an excellent place to do so. This is an excellent way to enjoy the best of both worlds if you’re looking to incorporate a favorite paint color and a printed design. Our murals mimic many of the wallpaper designs available.

Get the Look
Daisy Wallpaper $45 - $95
In a sunny summer meadow
Sierra Wall Mural $499
A magical misty morning
Frame Happy Snaps

These days, we’re constantly snapping pictures on our phones but rarely print them out and place them into frames. Take a moment to go through your camera roll and select favorite pics of you and your partner, family members, pets, and anyone else you would like to honor in your little one’s nursery. Place a print order online (or even at your local pharmacy, if you’re looking for a same day solution) and browse for cute frames that will complement your nursery aesthetic. Stores such as HomeGoods, TJ Maxx, and Michael’s are chock full of affordable frames that will appeal to a range of styles. 

Display Kiddie Creations

If you have older children, you likely have piles and piles of kiddie artwork on hand at home. Give your little ones the honor of having their pieces displayed in the nursery—their work will likely add fun pops of color to the space, and they’ll feel special for getting to play such an important role in designing their new siblings’ space.