Now Trending: A Nursery Inspired By “Coastal Grandmother” Style
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Now Trending: A Nursery Inspired By “Coastal Grandmother” Style

It’s safe to say that we all know that the ever-popular Coastal Grandmother design style isn’t just for actual grandmothers. If you love this TikTok aesthetic, which draws its inspiration from laidback Nancy Meyers movies and beachside interiors, there’s no means you can’t choose to implement it into your little one’s nursery! Coastal Grandmother style nurseries will not only look ultra chic, they’ll also stand the test of time, given that this theme is more grown up than most of the other motifs you’ll see in children’s rooms. So while you’re decorating your child’s space, you can feel good knowing that you’re purchasing furniture and decor that you’ll easily be able to integrate into a toddler room and beyond. Not sure how to get started bringing the Coastal Grandmother aesthetic to life in the nursery? Read on for some of our key tips.

Incorporate So Many Stripes

Stripes and Coastal Grandmother style go hand and hand, and lucky for you, there are a multitude of ways to introduce stripes into the nursery, too. Your baby is going to need an area rug to spread out and play on—why not source a striped option? And then you’ll need to grab some crib sheets and a quilt. A striped design (like Nestig’s Stripes Quilt) would look darling! Striped curtains are also a go in the nursery. Just perhaps avoid saying yes to stripes on all three of these occasions—in traditional interiors, less is more; it’s all about making a subtle statement!

Add Some Wicker

Wicker is a classic material that has made a resurgence in recent years and is a key pillar of Coastal Grandmother style. We love wicker because it adds a welcome pop of texture to any space. When it comes to selecting wicker pieces for the nursery, why not grab a clothing hamper and/or tissue box cover made from this material? There are also lots of adorable oversized baskets on the market that are made from wicker and are excellent for storing toys and blankets. Some even feature darling animal designs like giraffes or elephants, which are perfect for a nursery. You can also grab some wicker baskets to keep on hand for items such as diapers, wipes, and tiny onesies.

Frame Some Photos

The Coastal Grandmother’s home is welcoming, not stuffy, and your nursery should be the same. Why not surround your baby with precious family photos? Print out pictures of your immediate family as well as your child’s cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. Display these around the nursery so that your child will be surrounded by a loved one wherever she turns. Frames that feature a cane or bone inlay design are especially pretty for Coastal Grandmother spaces.

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Say Yes to Antiques

A true Coastal Grandmother doesn’t shy away from displaying favorite antique pieces. Perhaps a relative has passed down a favorite side table or dresser; why not try to make a furniture item like this work in the nursery? Antique pieces tell a story and are full of character, not to mention, they’re generally just made so much better than modern day furniture! If you’re crafty, you could even work to refinish a favorite piece so that it better complements the vision you have for your nursery. Upcycle a nightstand with baby blue chalk paint or revive it with a stenciled pattern that looks oh-so-Coastal Grandmother.

Integrate Some Shells

There are ways to embrace the “coastal” side of Coastal Grandmother decor without worrying about your nursery appearing tacky, we promise. Why not display some seashells in an acrylic frame, for example? These can be shells that you and your older children have collected together, or you can go the store bought route, we won’t tell! You can also opt for lidded boxes with shell decals; these are great for stashing on top of Baby’s dresser and holding small essentials like safety pins. PS: Nestig’s seashell area rug is too cute and right on theme as well.

Paint the Walls

It’s 2022; we’ve long ago established that nursery walls don’t have to be painted pink or blue. Instead, choose a hue that you absolutely love and go to town. To achieve the Coastal Grandmother aesthetic, a soft color like light green or a sandy offwhite is a great pick. Alternatively, if you’ve kept other striped influences in the room relatively limited, you may wish to paint a striped pattern on the walls for some oomph.

Or Hang Wallpaper

Wallpaper is also popular in Coastal Grandmother style spaces. Opt for a preppy blue and white print or go the grasscloth route. Grasscloth is a timeless design that looks so luxe and really brings that coastal touch into any space.

What to avoid in your nursery when embracing Coastal Grandmother style: 

Avoid Too Many White Textiles

Babies are messy; that’s no secret. While the Coastal Grandmother style frequently sings the praises of all-white sofas and bedding, you may wish to dial it back a bit unless you’re fully prepared to deal with stains. There are ways to work around the all-white vibe while staying on trend, though. For example, in lieu of buying a white accent chair to use for rocking and nursing baby, go the navy route instead. Navy is still a key coastal color but will hide spills and spit up like a champ.

Make Sure to Include Youthful Touches

While we love the Coastal Grandmother style because it truly is timeless and will grow with your baby, remember that as of right now, you’re designing a space for a newborn. Don’t skimp on vaiscs like stuffed animals, books, and a mobile simply because they don’t fully complement your CG decor. You’ll want to create a nursery space that is equal parts stylish and functional, after all.

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