Little Animals

Henry the Whale
A big-hearted, loyal explorer
Robbie the Rabbit
Witty, fun-loving & enthusiastic
Hugo the Elephant
Thoughtful, silly & wise
Otto the Duck
Playful, engaged & celebratory
Alice the Swan
Graceful, generous & loving
Stella the Astronaut
Passionate, brave & tenderhearted
Parker the Snail
An adventurous, inventive creative spirit
Frankie the Turtle
Steady, clever & empathetic
Piper the Mushroom
A caring, optimistic dreamer
Eddie the Lion
Warm, connective & loves to laugh
Lizzy the Duck
Bubbly, nurturing & social
Ivy the Giraffe
Curious, confident & motivated

Meet Our Little Animals

Make a new best friend—handmade with 100% cotton, linen and love.

Blue oblong shape