A Minimalist Nursery Designed for Maximum Coziness
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A Minimalist Nursery Designed for Maximum Coziness

This toddler room is reminiscent of a crisp autumn day. Gentle sunlight illuminates the airy space: it just begs for blanket-wrapped cuddles. Below, Ash Jennette shares how she brought her vision for a minimalist nursery to life and how she transformed this nursery into a toddler room.

What was the inspiration for the nursery?

My inspiration for this space all sprinkled down from my love for clouds. I stumbled upon a cloud painting that felt mature yet somehow whimsical and I knew I needed it for our nursery. I wanted the room to feel like a breath of fresh air, a place that always felt calm. I envisioned it very minimalistic, knowing toys would soon fill each corner. 

Interior style in 3 words:

Airy, minimalistic, fresh

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What tips would you share for parents preparing to transition their nursery to a toddler room?

Transitioning a nursery to a toddler room doesn’t need to be a massive change. It can be a small shift in what you already have: switching the crib to an opposite wall, adding a new playful rug or a table they can play on. All these little shifts are a big change for your little ones eyes. When building a nursery or toddler room, I always tried to think a couple steps ahead. Adding mature touches that can follow them as they grow and keeping that room familiar to them is so special.

What are your favorite details in your nursery?

My favorite details would be our Wave dresser: it centers the room and ties it all together. I adore the hints of clouds that are scattered around the room. I also love that my son's toys are the decorations and not just for play. 

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Are there any pieces, products or decor with a special story you can share? 

My sons favorite thing about his room is his Navigator shelf. He plays with it for hours, putting his favorite toys in and out and playing peak a boo! It’s the perfect height for him to pull himself up and play with his cars on top of it. 

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We like to think about nurseries as spaces for everyday magic, any favorite parenthood memories in the room so far?

My son's nursery is my favorite room in our home. We spend hours giggling and playing and cuddling in it each day. My son even took took his first steps in his room and my husband and I had tears in our eyes as we were filled with pride over this milestone. Being a parent and building a childhood is so magical! 

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