A Father’s Day Nursery Tour With Our CEO and Co-Founder Gui
Nursery Tour

A Father’s Day Nursery Tour With Our CEO and Co-Founder Gui

In late 2020, Nestig was born just a few months shy of our co-founder Gui’s son,  Eduardo. Needless to say, they are inextricably linked and so many of Nestig’s values—rigorous attention to safety, kindness first, finding magic in the every day—come from Gui’s experience being a father. 

Here, to celebrate Father’s Day, we’re taking a peek into Eduardo’s cheerful and cozy New York City nursery and learning more from Gui about how parenthood sparks his imagination. 

Interior style in three words?

Cozy, modern, personal.

As someone who knows nursery decor very well, how did you approach the design for your own son’s room?

My wife, Renata, and I decided to start the design process with the big pieces. We love the Wave crib. We think everything about it is perfect—from the design, to the shape, to the wood color, so we knew we wanted to build the nursery design around that. The second step was selecting the wallpaper, which is a product that has the potential to really transform a room. We wanted something that was warm, cozy and accessible, without being overly child-ish. We partnered with Ariel Okin for the nursery and we immediately fell in love with her collection. From there we added the small details and decor items to bring the room together. I won’t lie, most of the work and inspiration came from Renata.

Egg shape, color: green
What are some of your favorite memories in this space so far?

We wanted Eduardo’s nursery to be special. A place where he could sleep, but also that could be his sanctuary. To encourage him to enjoy and unwind there, we put together a small book corner. Everything is at his reach and there is a small chair that he can sit on and read his books. This also became my everyday routine with him. When I arrive from work, the first thing we do together is go there and read a book. He is bossy, so he is always the one that chooses the book! In the end, his nursery is as much my special place as it is his.

As parents, when we meet or speak to other parents there is often a deep, shared understanding of experience—what has been one (or some!) of your most memorable interactions with other parents who have a Nestig crib?

We started Nestig in the beginning of the pandemic so working from home was a reality for me since the day Eduardo was born. One day while I was watching him, I had a meeting so I put him in the mini crib next to me for my Zoom call. I was hoping he would sleep through it, but sure enough he decided to wake up in the middle of the call. As I tried to apologize and calm him down, I was surprised by the fact that someone else on the call also had their baby sleeping by their side—and in a Nestig mini crib! This was a moment where I realized our products really were helping other parents and a good reminder that you shouldn’t feel the need to apologize for being a parent to your child.

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How does Eduardo influence how you think about dreaming up products for Nestig?

It is impossible for me to separate Eduardo and Nestig; both were born around the same date. Nestig launched in August 2020 and Eduardo was born in December 2020. It is really a special experience to see Eduardo interacting with Nestig products and other items. I can see firsthand what he likes and what he needs. For example, Eduardo always had the need to have something cozy with him to feel safe, like a lovey. That was part of our inspiration for Quilts: how could we create a product that was more than just its core function - a product that could bring a sense of comfort, coziness and even fun to the nursery for both parents and babies. Of course quilts are the work and the imagination of everyone on the Nestig team, but I like to think that Eduardo played a role in that as well.

What is one of the most meaningful lessons that being a father has taught you thus far?

It’s very cliche, but you learn the importance of your time. I’ve realized how expensive my time is. Everything that I am doing needs to be extremely important and fulfilling, otherwise I am missing the opportunity to spend time with the most important person to me: my son. It is such a mix of emotions though. When you are with them you are tired and looking for some time off. But the moment you walk out the door, you miss them and want to come right back!

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What do you hope other parents feel when they bring Nestig products into their own homes?

It is always impressive to me how the Nestig experience goes beyond the nursery. Whenever I speak with new parents my first question is always “how well is your baby sleeping”? Since our first category was cribs, I always think they will want to vent about the lack of sleep. The reality is completely the opposite though. Almost never they mention “Nestig” and “sleeping” together. They tell me how amazing it is to wheel the crib around the house, to have their baby by their side when they are cooking and how much they have loved their Nestig experience which is exactly how we want them to feel. Our mission at Nestig is to build the most delightful place to shop for the nursery. This is something that we are aiming for from the moment parents come to our website, to a moment when they are wheeling their cribs to the kitchen or snuggling with their kids in one of our quilts.