This Artist’s Mini Nursery Is The Most Stylish Way to Room Share
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This Artist’s Mini Nursery Is The Most Stylish Way to Room Share 

In addition to working in-house for a tech company designing its global office, Diana Farberov is an artist and interior designer who focuses on residential projects. Oh, and she’s also a new mom, who has recently put her design skills to the test while decorating a 160 square foot nursery. The process taught Diana a lot about adding charm to a small room. “We really had to think through the essential items and how to best utilize our limited space,” she comments. “A lot of time was spent measuring and mocking up floor plans to make sure everything would fit perfectly.” 

While it was important to select pieces that would fit despite the space’s layout constraints, Diana also wanted to invest in furnishings that her family will be able to use for many years to come. “Every item we picked out for the nursery works just as well for an older kids bedroom, and some pieces can even be shifted to an adult space if needed,” she shares. “It felt much more sustainable to plan and buy with future design options in mind!” Keep reading to learn more about the finished nursery and Diana’s favorite moments using the space with her little one, Arno. 

Interior style in three words?

Curated, comfortable, and timeless.

How did you approach the design process and what did you learn throughout?

Since our nursery would be shared with our bedroom, I wanted to make sure it felt mature and integrated well with our existing design. Instead of focusing on baby decor, I relied on materials to add softness with light wood tones and boucle fabric. It helped that our walls were already a beautiful shade of blue! We really learned the value of good quality materials and timeless pieces that can grow with our family. We’re moving Arno out of our room and into his own space in a few weeks and planned his new room in such a way that all his furniture will fit just as well for a toddler when he’s ready for that stage as well. We're excited to transform the space and make some changes, while still using all the same familiar pieces.

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Are there any pieces, products or decor with a special story you can share?

The two watercolors that hang above Arno's dresser are painted by my grandmother. She's a talented artist and one of my biggest role models, so it's such a treat to have her works in his nursery as well. The side table next to my nursing chair is also a really special piece. I designed it myself and my husband, Allen, and I built it together one summer weekend before I got pregnant. We didn’t plan to use it in a nursery, but when we arranged the space, we realized it was the perfect complement and a necessary addition. I love that these practical items can also hold so much sentimental value!

What would you tell another parent about your Nestig crib?

It's the perfect crib. The craftsmanship and quality is truly excellent, it's easy to put together and adjust when the time comes, and it’s just a beautiful design. The wheels and mini crib shape were especially helpful in the first few weeks because we were able to push the crib out of the bedroom so one of us could sneak in a nap and not be disturbed by the babe! We're so happy with our crib and really all the Nestig products!

Egg shape, color: green
We like to think about nurseries as spaces for everyday magic, any favorite motherhood memories in the room so far?

So many memories already! Those first few weeks were especially sweet when we had the mini crib set up right next to our bed. Our pup Cleo would lay on the bed just staring at Arno all day long—we were all smitten. I remember one morning, I woke up and caught Arno just admiring the sunrise from his crib. How lucky we are to experience these little joys and everyday magic!

As a new mom and entrepreneur, tell us how you are prioritizing self care.

I’m really trying to carve out a bit of time each week for myself. Whether it's brunch with a girlfriend, a bath, or just a long walk with Cleo, I’ve noticed an immense shift in my mental health when I spend time recharging. You can’t take care of others if you don't take care of yourself first.

Photography by Kelsey Ann Rose